Wearing a fragrance is like the act of balancing. You have to understand the ways by which you can get best results or how to maximize the fragrance outcomes. It is same as using a smartphone. Here are we are telling you the tricks by which you can maximize the time period and effectiveness of your perfumes .

1- give it time .

Perfumer Azzi said that “Wearing a fragrance is like making a relationship with someone.” He is the founder of many famous fragrances. Some of the most famous celebrities are his clients.
Don’t judge your perfume very quickly,give things time . Stay with your perfume for more time and then give appreciation. Even if you don’t like it just them benefit of doubt.

2- Fragrance classes with other fragrance.

Some fragrance naturally attached while some clashes with eachother.
British perfumer said that “when it comes for men they use everything at one time , they use shampoos, cologne, deodorants and many more .it is same as saying they I love ties and next moment you wear all of it “.
Antiperspirant and deodorants are the perfect example for clashing with each other. So make sure that your fragrance should not fight with eachother for their presence.

3- Moisturizing

Fragrances stay longer on a well oiled and hydrates skins . So, if you want smell long ,go for the fragrance free moisturizers . Apply it just before your fragrance.

4- Best spot for your fragrance.

Choose the best position like wrist and neck for applying. It is the traditional spot but their back of your ears are also best spot . But some experts says that it can alter the fragrance smell . So. According to Dove the best spot is chest and biceps . It makes . So do so for best outcomes.

5- Don’t splash just spray.

You should not make people know that you are coming. Spraying mechanism is best for applying fragrance. It prevents you to expose in air. There will be no contact with bacteria which we always carry in our hands .

6- Distance please

Keep the distance between your skin and your holding position of your hands . If you don’t then you will pour your perfume on the one small spot. Hold your spray six to seven inches away from your skin . This will spread the perfume equally and evenly .

7- Do not apply more

As Bible say “People don’t want to be able to smell you before they see you”. It indicates that do not apply more . Do not spray more than three sprays . If you do over then just wipe out it with warm towel.

8- Do layering

Combine the products of the same fragrance range . It will increase the impact. It will make it long-lasting. Combination of shower gels and deodorants are best for layering.

9- Keep it properly

Keeping your assets properly will make it stay more . It is more often different that fragrances stays for how much days .Keep them away from high temperature and stron sunlight.

10- Fragrance for the specific occasion

People have memories trigger with scents. If you want to go that lucky day just spary it and make it your lucky fragrance . Keep smelling .

11- Chilling

Keep your bottle in refrigerator if the temperature is sour. It will keep them in well condition. It won’t make them spill quickly.

12- Be at right side of the women .

If you have applied the fragrance to impress you woman than try to stay at right side of her. University of California showed that women appreciate the fragrance if they smell it from their right nostrils. So, be at right of her while talking to her . It will help you to make an impression on her .

.13- Touch up

Keep your fragrance with you when you are traveling. As we know that fragrances can stick only for 3 to 5 hours . So when you feel that it is fading then go for touch-up. This trick us very good for colognes , they are usually string but can not stay for long hours.

So, follow these tips for making your self smell longer throughout the day .

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