When you have to find the perfect & best perfumes for her, the task comes with pressure regarding how to find the best one. This is generally because today we have so many fragrances available to choose from or it can also be the fear of smelling an over-fragrances scent whose samples are just discovered in the market for the first time.

It can also be a difficult choice as because the fragrances are described in the form of a poem which can only be understood by Chaucer or the counter salesperson and it is quite difficult for the customers to understand which fragrance is made for what purpose.

Well, choosing a fragrance is proven to be a trial and error task since long. It is so till now. We have compiled a few quick tips that would help you make a distinct choice for yourself and you end up finding the most suitable choice for yourself.

The lingo should be learned – If there is something which is possibly the biggest barrier between you and the aisle filled with your choice of fragrances, it can be intimidation. You can consider this schooling note suggested i.e top, middle and bottom. The top note consists of the strongest scent that comes to notice after it is being sprayed for the first time.

This is believed to last for only 15 minutes and slowly fades away handing it over to the middle note. The next note is the middle note which is the body of the perfume which stays for quite long. Being prominent and bold the middle one is believed to stay for a few hours. After the middle one gets faded away or starts to fade away, the bottom notes come in to picture. This note is those rich and heavy scents that stay on for almost all day long.

So if you are shopping for a fragrance online and you notice one that has two notes of fragrances, the one you love and the other you hate. You should be aware of the fact that after a few hours you will start smelling like something you hate. Let’s think of it the other way round. If you don’t like the top note but love the other notes in the fragrances, chances are that you will end up liking the fragrance overall. Try not to think too much since it is not about the notes individually rather it’s about how every note works together.

Choose between leaving the store – Make sure to not a choice at the store. You will not be able to get the exact smell of the perfume from the mix of other scents as well. Think of it this way, how can you get the perfect smell of a fragrance at the store that is already filled with various other perfumes and stale scents. Instead, try spraying it on your body and escape to an area that is away from the store. This way you will get the exact notes of the perfume.

There are numerous fragrances as you walk down the aisle, spray each one on a separate tester sheet and leave the store, or you can also consider taking the first sniff on the fragrance after going outside the store. When you smell and breathe in the fresh air outside, your nose will also reset its sense of smell and thus you will also be able to get a better impression of how the fragrance will feel and smell when you wear it in your day-to-day life. Keeping tester sticks are a bonus as they can easily help you keep track of your choices, and you will not have to remember which fragrance was sprayed by you on which body part.

Consider living with it – Gone through a ton of fragrances and have selected few, but still not able to choose to select one out of them? You can also try keeping the scented sticks in the different pockets of your dress and go about spending your whole day. Yes, You understood that right, you will also have to leave the mall. Do all the chores, enjoy with your gang or spend some me-time alone watching Netflix.

Keep smelling the fragrances in between. This way, you will be able to get a clear picture of which perfume possesses which notes and you can easily select the one you like most. Unless you smell something that emerges as your favorite fragrance wait for some more time or a full day before making a choice. This way you will also understand how your perfume will work when you wear it all day long.

When you have found the best choice and the perfect match, make sure to do a quick skin test when you go back to the mall to make a purchase. Spritz the perfume on your body in different parts such as the pulse points, neck, inner elbow. Don’t rub the scent on your skin, the heat produced by the movement disrupts the chemistry of the scent. Wait for some time or probably 30 minutes after spraying it on, before you take a final sniff on it. The first or the top note evaporates by this time, but the middle notes and the leftover ones get mixed with the natural scent of your body. This will also help you give a clear idea of how it would feel on your body when you spritz it on your body after you own one.

If you are loving the fragrance even till its last note then Congratulations, you finally did it. You have made the most difficult choice of selecting the best fragrance for yourself. You have found a signature scent for yourself or a new fragrance for yourself that you would love wearing at times. Feel happy, stay fresh and smell great all day long. You also try some classic cult sprays available in the market and are loved by many.

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